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The Troop Family of New England

John Troop (Generation 1)
The genealogy of The Troop Family as told by Waldron M. Troop … “Dating back to the Revolutionary War of 1775, a John Troop who lived in Scotland, who came South from the hills to a cooperage, as he was a skilled barrel-maker.  At that time he was taken by the British and pressed into the Army and sent to the City of Boston, Massachusetts to serve as a British Officer … He later married an Irish woman and settled in Ipswich, Massachusetts.  Around 1778-1779, they had two sons, John and William Troop.  At about that time in the year of 1780 the British came over to Massachusetts and picked up their soldiers and were taken back to England and he was never heard from again, leaving a wife and two sons at Ipswich, Massachusetts.”

To date, we are not sure if John Troop married after fulfilling his obligation to the British Army.  Checking the Ipswich and Salem, Massachusetts Vital Records, no marriage record is shown. We do locate the baptism in both Salem and Ipswich, Massachusetts for William Troop, only … The report that John Troop returned to England after the Revolutionary War is not correct.  We locate through the Town Clerk and the Vital Records of Concord, Massachusetts: John Troop died in Concord, Massachusetts, April 3, 1826.

The name of John Troop’s wife is unknown at this time but it has been stated that she and her two boys loaded their belongings on a scow and sailed down the Ipswich River and up the Kennebec River to what is now known as “Beach Hill” near or part of Pittston, Maine, no further record of the mother after this date.   This information has not been proven.

There have been several researchers who believe that John Troop may have been the son of Valentine Troop and Catherine Church, indicating that John Troop’s wife name is Eunice Fellows … To date I have not found the connection that confirms this information either the Vital or Church Records in Maine and Massachusetts …

John Troop (Generation 1)
b. around 1756 (Birth determined by Death Certificate)
d. April 3. 1826, Concord, Massachusetts (VR)
m. _________________________

Children of John Troop and ______________________________:
WILLIAM TROOP (SEE: Generation 2)
John Troop

William Troop (Generation 2)
Son of John Troop and ________________________
b.  @1793 (VR)
c.  October 4, 1794, Salem, Massachusetts (VR)
     (Church Record at St. Peters Episcopal Church)
d.  Deptember 9, 1856, Pittston, Maine (VR)
     Buried: Maple Grove Cemetery, Pittston, Maine (VR)
     October 9, 1814, Pittston, Maine (VR)
     Daughter of James Mills Mitchell and Hopestill Lambard (
     Granddaughter of Christopher Mitchell and Deborah Mills (
     GGranddaughter of William Mitchell and Honor _________ (

William Mitchell lived at Isles of Shoals and at Black Point, Scarborough where he was killed by Indians in his field in 1724 … York County Deeds show that on October 2, 1683, property on Smuttynose Island was conveyed to William Mitchell by a Peter Lewis.  On October 31, 1702, the property was sold by William and Honor Mitchell to Phillip Carpenter of the Isles of Shoals …. William Mitchell reported to be living in Kittery, Maine in 1715, but in 1717 he is found in Scarborough.  He was in Scarborough in January 1724 when his mother deeded to him property in Kittery, Maine where she was dwelling.  This property was formerly owned by William’s grandfather, John Andrews …. The date of William’s second marriage is uncertain, his oldest child, Israel is established on the basis of his marriage date of 1730, to have been born around 1710.  It is clear, however, that it was prior to 1716 as on August 22, 1715, William and his second wife Elizabeth acquired the tract of land in Scarborough at Black Point and also land along the Spurwink River … The lack of specific dates of William’s marriages and birth dates of his children make the distribution of his children between the two families not so clear as would be desired … The distribution follows the data recorded in “Descendants of Edward Small” … William was married to Honor ___________ before 1702 in Kittery, Maine. (NEG)
        Abigail Mitchell   
        b. @ 1791 (VR)
            May 25, 1791, Bath, Maine (
        d. April 10, 1870, Pittston, Maine (VR)
            Buried: Maple Grove Cemetery, Pittston, Maine (VR)

Children of William Troop and Abigail Mitchell:
Mary Jane Troop, b. February 11, 1816, Pittston, Maine (VR)
        m. Robert Clark, February 3, 1842, Pittston, Maine (VR)
William Troop, b. September 17, 1819, Pittston, Maine (VR)
        d. Unmarried: October 2, 1842, Pittston, Maine (VR)
Abigail Troop, b. May 2, 1821, Pittston, Maine (VR)
        m. Gilmore Blair, December 1, 1838, Pittston, Maine (VR)
Alexander Troop, b. 1823, Pittston, Maine (VR)
        m. Louisa S. Blanchard, January 9, 1849, Pittston, Maine (VR)
WALDRON TROOP (SEE: Generation 3)
Jesse M. Troop, b. September 20, 1827, Pittston, Maine (VR)
        m. Charlotte Shea, November 18, 1847, Pittston, Maine (VR)
Samuel Troop, b. 1830, Pittston, Maine (VR)
        d. February 1, 1868, Pittston, Maine (VR)
John D. F. Troop, b. 1832, Pittston, Maine (VR)
        d. May 20 1864, Bermuda Hundreds (VR/Pittston, Maine)

Waldron Troop (Generation 3)
Son of William Troop and Abigail Mitchell
b.  February 9, 1825, Pittston, Maine (VR)
d.  February 3, 1881, Bath, Maine (VR)
     Buried: Maple Grove Cemetery, Pittston, Maine
     October 10, 1849, Bath, Maine
     daughter of Zach Curtis and Mary Rideout
     b. February 10, 1823, Bath, Maine
     d. October 27, 1895, Bath, Maine
         Buried: Maple Grove Cemetery, Pittston, Maine

Children of Waldron Troop and Hannah Curtis:
William Troop, b. September 7, 1851, d. 1852, Bath, Maine
Alma Waldron Troop, b. January 3, 1852, d. 1852, Bath, Maine
Caroline Rideout Troop, b. March 20, 1854, Bath, Maine
      m. Hubbard Leighton, October 9, 1873, Bath, Maine
John Hannah Troop, b. November 19, 1859, Bath, Maine
      m. Clara V. Walker, April 18, 1883
Troop (Stillborn) b. September 7, 1862, d. September 7, 1862, Bath Maine

George Waldron Troop (Generation 4)
Son of Waldron Troop and Hannah Curtis
Owner of Troop Hardware at Bath, Maine
b.  June 13, 1856, Bath, Maine (VR)
d.  September 15, 1933, Bath, Maine (VR)
     Buried: Oak Grove Cemetery, Bath, Maine
     December 18, 1882, Wiscasset, Maine
     Daughter of Timothy Cunningham and Caroline Baker
     b. February 2, 1861 (ABN)
         August 8, 1862, Edgecomb/Wiscasset, Maine
     d. September 16, 1930, Bath, Maine
         Buried: Oak Grove Cemetery, Bath, Maine

Children of George Waldron Troop and Elizabeth (Lizzie May) Cunningham:
Carl Cunningham Troop, b. April 8, 1885, Bath, Maine (VR)
     m. Arlene Morse Powers, June 17, 1909, Bath, Maine
          Daughter of Frank M. Powers and Nellie Mae Morse
Eubra Frederick Troop, b. April 10, 1887, Bath, Maine (VR)
     m. Helen Frances Gackenbach, September 25, 1915, Bath, Maine
          Daughter of Richard Gackenbach and Alice Wagner
Harold Leighton Troop, b. June 17, 1889, Bath, Maine (VR)
     m. Ida Caroline Getchell, September 17, 1913, Bath, Maine
Marion Elizabeth Troop (SEE: Generation 5)

Marion Elizabeth Troop (Generation 5)
Daughter of George Waldron Troop and Elizabeth (Lizzie May) Cunningham
b.  January 6, 1895, Bath, Maine (VR)(BC)
d.  August 22, 1985, Weymouth, Massachusetts
     Buried: at Center Cemetery, Pembroke, Massachusetts
     March 18, 1914, Bath/Wiscasset, Maine
     Son of William Isaac Glynn and Minnie Beulah Perham
     Grandson of Royal Wilder Perham and Catherine Plant/Kate Plante
     b. May 22, 1889, Rockingham, Vermont
         *some records indicate Saxon Rivers, Vermont
d.  November 18, 1969, Braintree, Massachusetts
     Buried: at Bath, Maine
     (Sir David Glenne/Glynn-1, _________-2, William-3, John-4, Isaac-5,
           Thomas Reed-6, Isaac-7, William Isaac Glynn-8)
     (John Perram/Perham-1, John-2, John-3, Ezekiel-4, Jonathan-5,
           Oliver-6, Royal Wilder-7, Minnie Beulah Perham-8
     (John Adams-1 and Edith Squire, Thomas-2, Timothy-3, Timothy-4, Samuel-5,
           Thankful Adams-6 and John Glynn-4, Isaac Glynn-5, Thomas Reed Glynn-6,
           Isaac Glynn-7, William Glynn-8, Raleigh Isaac Glynn-9, George William Glynn-10)
           John Whitney, arrived on “Elizabeth & Ann” 1639 (Winthrop Society)

Children of Raleigh Isaac Glynn and Marion Elizabeth Troop
Raleigh Isaac Glynn, Jr.
George William Glynn
Dawn Glynn

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  1. Valentine and Catherine (Church) Troop were in Granville, Nova Scotia by 1760 so your timeline for John is off. Valentine and Catherine are my ancestors.