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The Lockwood Family of New England

(Generation 1 – Ancestor to America)
son of Edmund Lockwood and Elizabeth Cowper/Cooper (GC)
grandson of William Cowper/Cooper and Alice Ludbrook (GC)
ROBERT LOCKWOOD, arrived as part of the Winthrop Fleet 1630, on the ship “Arbella” (The Winthrop Fleet of 1630/The Winthrop Society) (The Great Migration)

ROBERT LOCKWOOD, ancestor and progenitor of doubtless the whole family in the New World, emigrated as one of the Pilgrim Fathers, from England, about 1630, to America, and settled at Watertown, Mass. , where he was made freeman March 9, 1636-37, and where six of his ten children were born; he removed to Fairfield, Conn, where he died 1658.. (History of the town of Springfield, Vermont)

ROBERT LOCKWOOD, immigrant ancestor, came to New England around 1630 and settled in Watertown, Massachusetts … He was admitted a freeman, March 9, 1637 and was the Executor of the Estate of one Edmund Lockwood, believed to be his brother … He removed to Fairfield, Connecticut where he was admitted freeman of that state, May 20, 1652, was recorded as a settler as early as 1641 and died in 1658 … He is said to have lieved for a time in Norfolk, Connecticut and was appointed sergeant at Fairfield, Connecticut in May 1657. (NEF/New England Families/1915)

ROBERT LOCKWOOD, of Watertown, Massachusetts, perhaps brother. of Edmund, of whom, in 1635, he was excor. freem. 9 Mar. 1637, by w. Susanna had Jonathan, b. 10 Sept. 1634; Deborah, 12 Oct. 1636; Joseph, 6 Aug. 1638; Daniel, 25 Mar . 1640; Ephraim, 1 Dec. 1641; Gershom, 6 Sept; 1643; rem. to Fairfield aft. 1645, but bef. 1652; d. 1658. His wid. Susanna m. Jeffery Ferris, and was d. May 1661. All the ch. bef. nam. exc. Deborah, partook of his est. and four others, John, Abigail, Sarah, and Mary, perhaps all b. at Fairfield. Abigail m. John Barlow of Fairfield; and Mary m. Jonathan Huested of Greenwich. Eleven of this name had been gr. at Yale 1834. (Savage)

Granted thirty-five acres in the Great Dividend in Watertown, Lot #13 in the second division, 25 July 1636 [WaBOP 4]. Granted six acres in the Beaverbrook Plowlands, Lot #22, 28 February 1636/7 [WaBOP 6]. Granted six acres in the Remote Meadows, Lot #24, 26 June 1637 [WaBOP 9]. Granted a Farm of one-hundred thirty-four acres, Lot #47, 10 May 1642 [WaBOP 12].

INVENTORY OF GRANTS: at Watertown, Robert Lockwood held seven parcels: “an homestall of eighteen acres”; “two acres of marsh … in Pine Marsh”; “one acre of meadow … in Pine Meadow”; “thirty-five acres of upland … being a Great Dividend in the second division & the thirteen lot”; “sixteen acres & half … of upland beyond the Further Plain & the third lot”; “six acres of plowland … in the Hither Plain”; and “six acres of Remote Meadow … & the twenty-four lot” [WaBOP 82].

INVENTORY OF POSSESSIONS: Robert Lockwood held one parcel: “four acres of Remote Meadow … & the ninth lot” [WaBOP 118].

COMPOSITE INVENTORY: Robert Lockwood held eight parcels: “an homestall of eighteen acres”; “two acres of meadow in Pine Marsh”; “one acre in Pond Meadow”; “thirty-five acres upland being a Great Dividend in the 2 division & the 13 lot”; “six acres of plowland in the Hither Plain & the 24 lot”; “sixteen acres & half upland beyond the Further Plain & the 3 lot”; “six acres of meadow in the Remote Meadows & the 24 lot”; and “a Farm of one-hundred thirty-four acres upland in the 2 division” [WaBOP 25-26].

On 27 February 1639[/40], the weir at Watertown, owned by Thomas Mayhew , had for some time been leased to “Ro[bert] Lockwood, Is[aac] Sternes & Henery Jackson” [SLR 1:13].

On 29 September 1645, “Rob[er]t Lockwood of Watertowne” sold to “Edward Garfield of the same town one acre of meadow in Pond Meadow” [SLR 1:71]. On 30 April 1646, “Robert Lockwood of Watertown” sold to “Bryan Pendleton of the same all his land granted by the town (as by the transcript appeareth) with all the housing thereupon, also four acres of Remote Meadow purchased of William Bridges (only one acre of meadow in Pond Meadow formerly sold excepted)” [SLR 1:71].
On 10 April 1650, “Richard Denton have appointed Elias Bayly of Stamford my lawful attorney to demand and (if need be) by all warrantable means to recover and receive for me whatsoever is due unto me, from Robert Lockwood of Fairfield in New England, and to him, I have given full power upon receipt of the said debt to give unto Robert Lockwood full security of what he hath purchased of me in Stamford…. The lands purchased of Richard Denton now at Maspeag by Robert Lockwood of Faierfield (viz:) One home lot with the building thereon & all other lands, marsh & upland, which is laid out, or is to be laid out” [Stamford TR 1:41]. After an accounting of the debt, “Robert Lockwood, now of Faierfield,” surrendered title to the lands to John Bishop.

The inventory of the estate of “Robert Lockwood deceased in Fairfield,” taken 11 September 1658, totalled £464 3s., of which £110 was real estate: “housing & lands,” £110 [Fairfield PR 1:42-43].

On 20 October 1658, “the widow Lockwood” presented her husband’s inventory, and the court appointed “the widow Susanna Lockwood to be administratrix”; “the deceased having left no will, the court orders as followeth: that the widow shall have a third part of the estate and the rest of the children being nine in number, their names are Jonathan, Joseph, Daniell, Epraim, Gershom, John, Abigall, Sarah and Mary, shall have the rest of the estate divided amongst them as followeth, the eldest son Jonathan is to have a double portion only that estate which the said Jonathan received of his father before his death being here made to appear to be fifty-seven pounds, twelve shillings, is to be reckoned to be part of his double portion, and … the rest of the estate is to be divided among the rest of the children only each of the sons are to have a third part more than [each] of the daughters …; Deborah being married hath received her portion of her father before his death” [Fairfield PR 1:43].

On 28 May 1661, “whereas Jeffery Ferris by marriage with his wife Susanna now deceased stands engaged to pay certain legacies due to the children of Robert Lockwood deceased according to the administration entered in court 20 October 1658 and whereas he sayeth that Joseph & Daniell hath received their portions already as also that they have received the portions of Epraim & Gershom & that they are to stand engaged to see it paid according to the court order and that he intends at the first opportunity to clear himself thereof at a court and whereas John & the three daughters portions are still in his hand, he having removed out of this jurisdiction and security being demanded, he doth by these presents bind over all his housing and accommodations that he hath in Greenwich that the legacies shall be truly paid” [Fairfield PR 1:65, 67].

On 1 December 1681, “Jonathan Hewsteed of Greenwich having marrying Mary Lockwood the daughter of Robert and Susanna Lockwood” acknowledge having received his wife’s portion of her parents’ estates from “Daniell Lockwood, Joseph Lockwood and Will[ia]m Ward administrators upon the estate of their father and mother” [Fairfield PR 1:314]. On 28 December 1681, “John Barlowe of Fairfeild,” noting that “there was a portion due out of the estate of my father-in-law Robert Lockwood deceased and of the estate of my mother-in-law Susanna Ferris deceased unto she that is now my wife Abigal their daughter, and whereas that my brother-in-law Will[ia]m Ward in his lifetime and my brother-in-laws Joseph and Daniel Lockwood were appointed by the court to administer on the above said estate,” acknowledged having received his wife’s portion [Fairfield PR 3:313].

ROBERT LOCKWOOD (Generation 1)
b.  January 14, 1599/1600, Combs (Suffolk) England (GC)
d.  September 11, 1658, Fairfield, Connecticut (GC)
     1658, Bolton’s Hy (Westchester) Connecticut (GC)
     1658 (NEF/New England Families/1915)
      marriage before 1634, Watertown, Massachusetts
      daughter of Captain Richard Norman and Margaret Alford (GC)
      Captain Richard Norman died 1653, Marblehead (Essex) Massachusetts (GC)
      granddaughter of John Fryeth Alford (GC)
      b. 1615, England   (GC)
      d. December 23, 1660, Greenwich (Fairfield) Connecticut (NEF)
     m. (2) Jeffery Ferris (NEF)

Children of Robert Lockwood and Susannah Norman:
Jonathan Lockwood, September 10, 1634 (NEF) Watertown, Massachusetts (GC)
Deborah Lockwood, October 12, 1636 (NEF) Watertown, Massachusetts  (GC)
Josseph Lockwood, August 6, 1638 (NEF) Watertown, Massachusetts (GC)
Daniel Lockwood, March 21, 1640 (NEF) Watertown, Massachusetts  (GC)
Ephraim Lockwood, December 1, 1641 (NEF)Norwalk (Fairfield) Connecticut (GC)
John Lockwood (NEF) @ 1645, Watertown, Massachusetts  (GC)
Sarah Lockwood, February 27, 1651 (NEF) Fairfield, Connecticut (GC)
Abigail Lockwood (NEF) @1650, Fairfield, Connecticut (GC)
     m. John Barlow of Fairfield, Connecticut (NEF)
Mary Lockwood (NEF) @1654, Fairfield, Connecticut (GC)
     m. Jonathan Heusted (NEF)

son of Robert Lockwood and Susannah Norman
GERSHOM LOCKWOOD, he removed to Greenwich, Connecticut with his father at the age of nine, became one of the twenty-seven proprietors of Greenwich, Connecticut and held many positions of trust in the town …. He was a carpenter by trade … The plain blue slate stone which marks his grave is well preserved … He married Lady Ann Millington from England, daughter or Lord Millington (NEF)
b.   September 6, 1643, Watertown (Norfolk) Massachusetts (NEF)
d.   March 12, 1718, Greenwich (Fairfield) Connecticut (GC)
      March 12, 1719, Greenwich (Fairfield) Connecticut (NEF)
           daughter of Lord Millington of England (NEF)
           daughter of Thomas Millington and Anne Russell (GC)
           LADY ANN MILLINGTON, she came to New England in search of her lover    
           a British Army Officer.   Failing to find him she taught school and afterwards married
           Gershom Lockwood.   In 1660 her parents sent her a large oak chest, ingeniously  
           carved and strongly built.  Tradition says it contained half a bushel of guineas, many
           fine silk dresses and etc.  The chest was at last account owner by Samuel Ferris of
           Greenwich, Connecticut who married Ann Lockwood, Ann (Millington) Lockwood's
           granddaughter. (NEF)          
           daughter of John Townsend and Elizabeth Montgomery (NEF)
           widow of Gideon Wright (NEF)

Children of Gershom Lockwood and (1) Ann Millington:
Gersham Lockwood, 1660, Greenwich (Fairfield) Connecticut (NEF)
William Lockwood, 1661, Greenwich (Fairfield) Connecticut (NEF)
Joseph Lockwood, 1663, Greenwich, (Fairfield) Connecticut (NEF)
Elizabeth Lockwood, 1665, Greenwich (Fairfield) Connecticut (NEF)
    m. John Bates (NEF)
Hannah Lockwood, 1667, Greenwich (Fairfield) Connecticut (NEF)
    m. (1) John Burwell (2) Thomas Hanford (NEF)
Sarah Lockwood, 1669/twin, Greenwich (Fairfield) Connecticut ((NEF)
    “Sarah (twin) born 1669, received by will from her father, a certain negro girl being
      now in my possession … Abraham, her twin brother (NEF)

Children of Gershom Lockwood and (2) Elizabeth Townsend:
(no issue from this marriage)

son of Gershom Lockwood and Lady Ann Millington (NEF)
Deputy to the General Court, May 1 1749 (NEF)
b.  1669, Greenwich (Fairfield) Connecticut (NEF)
d.  1747 (NEF)
      marriage around 1693 (GC)
      daughter of Amos Wescott and Deborah Stafford (NEF)
      b. 1673, Greenwich (Fairfield) Connecticut ((NEF)
      d. 1711, Old Warwick, Rhode Island (GC)

Children of Abraham Lockwood and Sarah Wescott:
Deborah Lockwood, 1693, Old Warwick. Rhode Island (GC)
Amos Lockwood, 1695, Old Warwick, Rhode Island (NEF)
Adam Lockwood, 1697, Old Warwick, Rhode Island (GC)
Sarah Lockwood, October 20, 1708, Old Warwick, Rhode Island (GC)

son of Abraham Lockwood and Sarah Wescott
b.  1695, Warwick (Kent) Rhode Island (GC)
d.  1762, Cranston )Providence, Rhode Island (GC)
     1724, Warwick (Kent) Rohe Island (GC)
     b. 1708 (GC)
     d. 1766, Cranston (Providence) Rhode Island (GC)

Children of Abraham Lockwood and Mary Carr:
Damaris Lockwood (GC)
Abraham Lockwood, December 22, 1726, Cranston (Providence) Rhode Island (GC)
Joseph Lockwood, 1730, Cranston (Providence) Rhode Island) (GC)

son of Abraham Lockwood and Mary Carr (GC)
WILLIAM LOCKWOOD, the first of the name to settle in this town, son of Abraham and Mary (Westcott) Lockwood, was born in Cranston RI in 1730. He came to Springfield in 1772, with his wife and ten children. He bought of Timothy Spencer lot No. 2, and of Colonel John Barrett lot No. 20, the latter including the site of the present village. He built a log cabin near the falls, and soon later a sawmill. Later he built a block house near where the late George W. Porter's residence stands. He and his sons cleared up the land, sawed lumber for buildings, and erected a gristmill on the west side of the river. Afterward he sold one half interest in the mills to his son Henry, and bought land on the east side of the river, now owned by W.H.H. Putnam, including the present cemetery ground, which he deeded to the town in 1793; it stood on the other side of the road, and was moved to its present site.   He was a member of the Free Will Baptist church and active in its organization. He was an enterprising, industrious and honest man, and to him and his descendants, Springfield owes no small part of its early and later prosperity. (History of the town of Springfield, Vermont)
b.  1730, Cranston (Providence) Rhode Island (GC)
d.  November 27, 1801, Springfield, Vermont )GC)
     marriage around 1750, Providence, Rhode Island (GC)
     b. 1726, Providence, Rhode Island (GC)
     d. 1808, Springfield, Vermont (GC)

Children of William Lockwood and Sarah White:
Abraham Lockwood, April 19, 1751, Cranston, Rhode Island (GC)
Isaac Lockwood, April 20, 1953, Rhode Island (GC)
Jacob Lockwood, October 15, 1756, Cranston, Rhode Island (GC)
Joseph Lockwood, @ 1759, Cranston, Rhode Island (GC)
HENRY LOCKWOOD (SEE: Generation 6)
Benoni Lockwood, February 16, 1764, Providence, Rhode Island (GC)
Ruth Lockwood, @1765, Rhode Island (GC)
William Lockwood, @1766, Cranston, Rhode, Island (CG)
Lydia Lockwood @1768, Cranston, Rhode Island (GC)
Damaris Lockwood. @1774, Springfield, Vermont (GC)
Sarah Lockwood, @ 1770, Cranston, Rhode Island (GC)
Phebe Lockwood, @1776, Springfield, Vermonth (GC)
Patience Lockwood

HENRY LOCKWOOD (Generation 6)
son of William Lockwood and Sarah White
b.  June 14, 1762, Cranston (Providence) Rhode Island (GC)
d.  January 1, 1839, Springfield, Vermont (GC)
     married at Springfield, Vermont, 1785

Children of Henry Lockwood and Esther Smith:
ADA LOCKWOOD (SEE: Generation 7)
     sister Nancy Lockwood, married brother, Joseph Perham Glynn
     sister Hannah Lockwood, married brother, Samuel Adams Glynn

ADA LOCKWOOD (Generation 7)
daughter of Henry Lockwood and Esther Smith
b.  May 1, 1797, Springfield (Windsor) Vermont (VR)
d.  1870 (VVK)
m. THOMAS REED GLYNN (Generation 6)
     May 4, 1812, Springfield (Windsor) Vermont (VR) (VVK)
     son of Isaac Glynn and Sarah Nutting
     b. April 5, 1795, Springfield (Windsor) Vermont
     c. May 19, 1795, Tyngsborough (Middlesex) Massachusetts (VR)
     d. Septebmer 28, 1870, Chester (Windsor) Vermont  (VR) (VVK)

Children of Thomas Reed Glynn and Ada Lockwood
John Glynn, b. September 30, 1812, Springfield (Windsor) Vermont (VR)
     m.  Nancy S. Phelps, August 31, 1842
William Glynn, b. April 18, 1816, Springfield (Windsor) Vermont (GenForum.com)
Sarah Nutting Glynn, b. December 30, 1817, Springfield (Windsor) Vermont (VR)
Esther S. Glynn, b. March 25, 1820, Springfield (Windsor) Vermont (VR)
Lucy Glynn, b. April 22, 1822, Springfield (Windsor) Vermont (GenForum.com)
     ***Lucy Glynn, daughter of Thomas Glynn and wife, adopted by Stephen and Sarah
         Taylor of Springfield (Windsor) Vermont  (Springfield VR, Page 87)
ISAAC GLYNN (SEE: Generation 7)
Jane Glynn, b. December 1, 1825, Chester (Windsor) Vermont
Sophronia Glynn, b. April 4, 1828
      m. lonzo S. Gilbert, Harnessmaker
Lucinda Glynn, b. November 28, 1830, Vermont
Achsah Glynn, b. April 28, 1833, Vermont
Alzina E. Glynn, b. December 14, 1835, Vermont
       m. Joseph Hardy, September 2, 1852, Haverhill (Grafton) New Hampshire
Horace C. Glynn, b. @1845 (VR) (VVK)
      ***The Vital Records of Springfield (Windsor) Vermont, provided by (VVK) Vivian 
           Viola Kill/Researcher indicates the following information from a marriage certificate:
           Horace C. Glynn, Occupation: Farmer. Residence of Groom: Chester, Vermont, Age:
           25.  Parents: Thomas and Ada Glynn … This information places Horace’s birth at
           approximately 1845, this would place his parents (father at 50, mother at 48)
           m. Rosalind R. Roudy (UR)

Isaac Glynn (Generation 7)
Son of Thomas Reed Glynn and Ada Lockwood
b.  August 26, 1823, Chester (Windsor) Vermont (VR)
     (other references indicate Springfield (Windsor) Vermont)
d.  May 17, 1902, South Rockingham (Windham) Vermont (VR)
     September 18, 1845, Chester, Vermont (VR)
     daughter of Cyrus Locke and Randilla Thayer (Ancestry.com)
     granddaughter of William Thayer and Susannah Lincoln (Ancestry.com)
     b. January 25, 1824, Rockingham, Vermont (VR)
         (other references indicate Springfield (Windsor) Vermont
     d. January 9, 1896
         SEE: THE LOCKE FAMILY OF NEW ENGLAND (Gary Posson Glynn)
        (Wm-1, Wm-2, Ebenezer-3, Joshua-4, Ebenezer-5, Ebenezer-6, Cyrus Locke-7)

Children of Isaac Glynn and Eliza/Elizabeth Marie Locke:
Charles Frederick Glynn, b. October 15, 1846 Rockingham (Windham) Vermont
       m. Georgie Mitchel, 1866
Mary Eliza Glynn, b. June 27, 1848, Rockingham (Windham) Vermont
       m. Albert O. Wyman, 1866
Cyrus Locke Glynn, b May 2, 1850, Rockingham (Windham) Vermont
       m. Lilla Davenport, April 10, 1870
Lucius Elliot Glynn, b. March 12, 1853, Rockingham (Windham) Vermont
       m. (1) Carrie E. Smith, 1874  (2) Anna E. Kerns
Elizabeth Ida/Lizzie Glynn, b. May 5, 1856, Cambridgeport (Rockingham) Vermont
Walter Benton Glynn, b. September 6, 1865, Cambridgeport (Rockingham) Vermont

William Isaac Glynn (Generation 8)
Son of Isaac Glynn and Eliza/Elizabeth Marie Locke
b.  December 12, 1866, Rockingham, Vermont (VR)
d.  June 5, 1934, Albany, New York (VR)
      November 23, 1887, Rockingham, Vermont (VR)
      daughter of Royal Wilder Perham and Catherine E. Plant (VR)
      b. April 6, 1869, Rockingham, Vermont (VR)
      d. October 25, 1942, Warrensburg, New York
           Buried: at North Adams, Massachusetts
      SEE: THE PERHAM FAMILY OF NEW ENGLAND (Gary Posson Glynn)        
          (John (Perram) Perham-1, John-2, John-3, Ezekiel-4, Jonathan-5,
           Oliver-6, Royal Wilder-7)
           John Whitney arrived on the “Elizabeth and Ann” 1639 (Winthrop Society)

Children of William Isaac Glynn and Minnie Beulah Perham:
Catherine J. Glynn, b. July 28, 1891, Rockingham (Windham) Vermont
      (Some records indicate Saxon River, Vermont)
Jay Ivah Glynn, b. June 20, 1895 and d. June 29, 1895, Proctorsville, Vermont
Berkeley Perham Glynn, b. May 15, 1902, Rockingham (Windham) Vermont
      m. Regina L. Held, October 10, 1925

Raleigh Isaac Glynn (Generation 9)
Son of William Isaac Glynn and Minnie Beulah Perham
b.  May 22, 1889, Rockingham, Vermont
    *some records indicate Saxon Rivers, Vermont
d.  November 18, 1969, Braintree, Massachusetts
      Buried: at Bath, Maine
     March 18, 1914, Bath/Wiscasset, Maine
     daughter of George Waldren Troop and Elizabeth Cunningham
     (John Troop-1, William-2, Waldron-3, George Waldron-4, Marion Elizabeth-5)
     b. January 6, 1895, Bath, Maine (VR)(BC)
     d. August 22, 1985, Weymouth, Massachusetts (DC)
          Buried at The Center Cemetery, Pembroke, Massachusetts (GS)

Children of Raleigh Isaac Glynn and Marion Elizabeth Troop
Raleigh Isaac Glynn, Jr.
George William Glynn
Dawn Glynn

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