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The Butterfield Family of New England

Benjamin Butterfield (Generation 1) 
b.  1572, Overdon (Yorkshire) England (CG)
     daughter of Richard Wood and Johanna Roper (GC)
     b.  August 9, 1578, Halifax (Yorkshire) England (GC)

Benjamin Butterfield (Generation 2)
b. @ 1599, England (CWB)
    @ 1610, West Riding (Yorkshire) England (AA)
    @ 1611, St John’s Parish, Halifax (Yorkshire) England (CG)
    @ 1612, Halifax, England (AA)
d. March 2, 1687/88, Chelmsford, Massachusetts (VR)
          ANNA BUTTERFIELD (VR/Death)
          married around 1630, England (CWB)
          b. 1605, England (AA)
              @ 1605, Milden (Essex) England (CWB)
          d. May 19, 1661, Chelmsford, Massachusetts (VR)
          HANNAH WHITEMORE (VR/Marriage)
          HANNA BUTERFIELD (VR/Death)

          June 3, 1663, Chelmsford, Massachusetts  (VR)
          d. May 19, 1677, Chelmsford, Massachusetts (VR)
          m. (1) Thomas Whittemore (GNE)
              Thomas Whittemore was born in Hitchin, Hertforshire, England and came to New      
              England prior to 1640, when he was in Charlestown, Massachusetts in what is now known as 
              Malden, he signed a petition with his neighbors for better privileges in 1640. (GNE
              m. (1) ___________________
                   (2) Sarah Deardes, 1623, England (GNE)

Children of Benjamin Butterfield and (1) Ann/Anna Jundon:
Mary/Mare Butterfield, b. @1633, England
     m. Daniel Blodgett/Bloged on September 15, 1653, Chelmsford, Mass.
Benjamin Butterfield, b. @1636, England
     c. 1656, Chelmsford, Massachusetts
     m. unmarried, killed in French and Indian War (CWB)
Jonathan Butterfield, b. @1641
     c. 1656, Chelmsford, Massachusetts
     m. Mary Dixon/Dicson, on June 12, 1667, Woburn, Massachusetts
Nathaniel Butterfield, b. February 14, 1642, Woburn, Massachusetts
     c. 1656, Chelmsford, Massachusetts
     m. Deborah Underwood, on December 31, 1668, Chelmsford, Mass.
          daughter of William Underwood and Sarah ___________
Samuel Butterfield, b. May 17, 1647, Woburn, Massachusetts
     c. 1656, Chelmsford, Massachusetts
     m. Mary Ann Ballard, on February 12, 1668, Chelmsford, Massachusetts

Joseph Butterfield   (Generation 3)
b. 1647 (M1700)
    August 15, 1649, Woburn, Massachusetts (AA)
    August 15, 1649/1650, Woburn, Massachusetts (CWB)
c. 1656, Chelmsford, Massachusetts (AA)(CWB)
d. 1715 (M1700)
    February 12, 1720, Chelmsford, Massachusetts (AA)(CWB)
    (death not listed in Chelmsford, Massachusetts Vital Records)
m. LYDIA BALLARD (AA) (CWB)(M1700)(VR/Marriages at Andover, Mass.)
     LYDIAH BOLLARD (VR/Marriages – Chelmsford, Mass.)
     April 12, 1674, Chelmsford, Massachusetts (VR/Marriages – Andover, Mass.
     daughter of William Ballard and Grace _____________ (CFUS)
     b. April 30, 1657 (CFUS)
     d. after 1728 (M1700) Chelmsford, Massachusetts (CWB)
        (death not listed in Chelmsford, Massachusetts Vital Records)
        William Ballard was the immigrant ancestor of this family, born in England 1617, and died in 1689,  
        lived in Andover, Massachusetts, a husbandman, freeman in 1644.
Children of Joseph Butterfield and Lydia Ballard/Bollard:
Joseph Butterfield, b. January 28, 1675 (CWB)
      m. Eunice S. Heald/Enes Hale on January 21, 1696/1697, Chelmsford, Mass.
Anna/Hannah Butterfield, b. July 8, 1678, Chelmsford, Massachusetts
      m. Simon Thompson, @ 1720, Chelmsford, Massachusetts
Tabitha Butterfield, b. May 29, 1678, Chelmsford, Massachusetts
      m. Samuel Butterfield on May 7, 1730 at Westford, Massachusetts
Isaac Butterfield, b. October 14, 1689, Chelmsford, Massachusetts
      m. unmarried with no issue
Jacob Butterfield, b. October 14, 1689./1690, Chelmsford, Massachusetts
      m. Phebe Foster Norton on January 10, 1713, Concord, Massachusetts
Abigail Butterfield, b. June 4, 1693, Chelmsford, Massachusetts
      m. David Bixby on August 4, 1812, Concord, Massachusetts
Abraham Butterfield, b. June 4, 1693, Chelmsford, Massachusetts
      d. June 8, 1693, Chelmsford, Massachusetts
Grace Butterfield, b. @ 1695
      m. Ephraim Waters
Benjamin Butterfield   (Generation 4)
b. February 24, 1679, Chelmsford, Massachusetts (VR)
d. March 31, 1715, Chelmsford, Massachusetts (VR)
     October 8, 1701, Chelmsford, Massachusetts (CWB)
     b. 1680/1685, Chelmsford, Massachusetts (CWB)

Children of Benjamin Butterfield and Elizabeth Fletcher:
Benjamin Butterfield, b. May 25, 1702, Chelmsford, Massachusetts
     m. Kezia Patterson/Pattison on July 7, 1723 at Chelmsford, Massachusetts
William Butterfield, b. November 28, 1706, Chelmsford, Massachusetts
     m. Bathsheba Sheppard on May 21, 1727 at Chelmsford, Massachusetts
Esther/Easter Butterfield, b. March 19, 1709, Chelmsford, Massachusetts
     m. (1) Joseph Moors/Morse on June 23, 1731, Chelmsford, Massachusetts
          (2) Benjamin Perham of Sutton, Massachusetts
Mary Butterfield, b. 1712, Chelmsford, Massachusetts
     m. David Fletcher on November 13, 1742, Westford, Massachusetts
Deborah Butterfield, b. August 18, 1714, Chelmsford, Massachusetts
     m. James Robbins of Grafton, Massachusetts
Daniel Butterfield, b. 1714/1715, Chelmsford, Massachusetts
     m. Jane/June McNeal (CWB)
Elizabeth Butterfield   (Generation 4)
b. September 15, 1704, Chelmsford, Massachusetts (VR)
     October 28, 1728, Chelmsford, Massachusetts (VR)
     son of Timothy Adams and Dorothy Chamberlain
     SEE: The Adams Family of Massachusetts (Gary Posson Glynn)
    (Henry Adams-1, Thomas-2, Timothy-3, Timothy-4, Samuel Adams-5)
     b. November 15, 1700, Chelmsford, Massachusetts (VR)

Children of Elizabeth Butterfield and Samuel Adams:
THANKFUL ADAMS (SEE: Generation 5)
Samuel Adams, b. August 26, 1731, Westford, Massachusetts
     m. Elizabeth Blood on December 3, 1756, Westford, Massachusetts
Elizabeth Adams, b. September 23, 1733, Westford, Massachusetts
Luce/Lucy Adams, b. August 17, 1734, Westford, Massachusetts
     m. Elijah Robbins of Dunstable, Massachusetts
Mary Adams, b. June 16, 1738, Westford, Massachusetts
Henry Adams, b. April 14, 1741, Westford, Massachusetts
Bridget Adams, c. February 17, 1740, Chelmsford, Massachusetts
Ede/Eade/Edee Adams, c. April 15, 1746, Westford, Massachusetts
     m. Henry Adams of Dunstable, Massachusetts
          son of Ephriam Adams and Thankful ___________
Thankful Adams   (Generation 5)
b. November 4, 1729, Westford, Massachusetts (VR)
d. 1815, Londonderry, Vermont
     JOHN GLENE (VR/Marriage)
     son of William Glynn and Mary ______________
     Revolutionary War Patriot, Massachusetts/Private (DAR)
     John Glenne of Dunstable, Massachusetts, Private, list of men serving on main guard under Major
     Loammi Baldwin’s Company, Col. Ebenezer Bridge’s (27th Regiment): Muster Roll dated August 1,
     1775; enlisted: June 8, 1775, service on month, twenty-six days; also company returned September 25,
     1775; also order for bounty coat or its equivalent in money dated at Cambridge, Massachusetts,
     December 14, 1775. (SSM)
     John Glinney is shown on the 1790/Westmoreland, New Hampshire Census
     John Glynn is shown on the 1790/Tyngsborough (Middlesex) Massachusetts Census
     John Glynn (Marriage Intention to Thankful Adams) indicates of Dunstable, Mass.
     b. 1728 (DAR/Index)
         April 6, 1728, Lynn, Massachusetts (Isaac/DAR Papers)
         April 30, 1730, Lynn, Massachusetts (
     c. May 5, 1734, Wakefield, Massachusetts (VR)
        (Church Record, Congregational Church, Wakefield, Massachusetts)
        d. 1800 (DAR/Index)
            1817, Springfield, Massachusetts (Isaac/DAR Papers)
            December 12, 1817, Springfield, Vermont (
Children on John Glynn and Thankful Adams:
John Glynn, b. July 8, 1751, Westford (Middlesex) Massachusetts (VR)
     Revolutionary War Patriot
Sarah Glynn, b. September 14, 1755, Westford, Massachusetts  d. 1755 (VR)
Sarah Glynn, b. November 12, 1757, Westford (Middlesex) Massachusetts (VR)
   m. Nehemiah Howe, June 27, 1775, Westford (Middlesex) Massachusetts
William Glynn, b. August 18, 1759, Westford, (Middlesex) Massachusetts (VR)
   m. Mary Green – Revolutionary War Patriot, Lieutenant/Connecticut (DAR)
ISAAC GLYNN (SEE: Generation 6)
Mary Glynn, b. September 14, 1763, Westford, Massachusetts (VR)
   m. John Fox, December 1, 1785, Londonderry (Windham) Vermont (VR)
James Glynn, b. October 8, 1769 Westford (Middlesex) Massachusetts
   m. (1) Polly Amsbury, June 16, 1791, Westmoreland (Cheshire) New Hampshire
   m. (2) Rachel Daggett, February 5, 1816, Chester (Windsor) Vermont
             daughter of Joseph Daggett and Rachel Wilson of Westmoreland, NH
Joseph Glynn
Pheobe Glynn, b. July 10, 1778, Westford (Middlesex) Massachusetts
   m. Stephen Otis Jr., February 27, 1797, Dummerston (Windham) Vermont
        (Family invented the passenger elevator: Otis Elevator Company)
Elizabeth Glynn
Isaac Glynn (Generation 6)
ISAAC GLYNNE (Court Records/VR)
son of John Glynn and Thankful Adams
Revolutionary War Patriot, Massachusetts/Sergeant (DAR)
Isaac Glenny, was the youngest recorded soldier in the Revolutionary War at the age of thirteen years.  He found at Bunker Hill, Boston and Saratoga, Long Island, Yorktown with General Sulliavan at the Mohawk Valley Campaign under General Lafayette. (DAR Papers)
Isaac Glenna, of Westford, Massachusetts, list of men in the Continental Army from Captain Fletcher’s Company, Col. Jonathan Reed’s Company (6th Middlesex Regiment) as returned to Brig. General Prescott, dated Littleton, Massachusetts, September 17, 1777, residence at Westford, Massachusetts, joined Captain Ballard’s Company, Col. Alden’s Company, term of three years. (Soldier’s & Sailor’s of Massachusetts
Isaac Glenny, Sergeant (7th Massachusetts Regiment) served six years, three months, ten days, discharged on June 1783, papers signed by George Washington, honored with Badge of Merit for six years of faithful service. (DAR/Papers)
Isaac Glynn was born in Westford, Massachusetts, he came to Springfield from Tyngsborough, Massachusetts in 1807 and settled on the highest farm on the hill, a mile west of the farm now owned by Jonas Glynn (1895) … He was a cooper by trade. In 1775 he enlisted in the Revolutionary Army, was at the Battle of Bunker Hill and served throughout the war . He married Sarah Nutting and had thirteen children …
b.  July 7 1761, Westford (Middlesex) Massachusetts (DAR/Papers)
     July 8, 1761, Westford (Middlesex) Massachusetts (VR)
d.  December 30, 1835, Springfield, Vermont (DAR/Papers)
     buried at the Summer Hill Cemetery, Springfield, Vermont (VR)
     SALLY NUTTING (VR/Marriage)
     October 24, 1785, Westford (Middlesex) Massachusetts (VR)
     daughter of John Nutting and Hannah Reed (VR)
     Sarah Nutting living with Sophronia in 1850 Haverhill (Grafton) NH
     b. December 23, 1767, Westford (Middlesex) Massachusetts (VR)
     d. October 27, 1852, Springfield, Vermont (VR)
         November 27, 1852, North Haverhill, Massachusetts (DAR/Papers)
         Buried at Summer Hill Cemetery, Springfield, Vermont (VR)
Children of Isaac Glynn and Sarah/Salley Nutting:
Benjamin Glynn, d. March 2, 1786, Springfield (Windsor) Vermont (VR)
Benjamin Glynn, b. September 26, 1786 in Springfield (Windsor) Vermont (VR)
    m. Patty Johnson, May 8, 1808, Rockingham (Windsor) Vermont (VR)
    m. Martha Johnson, May 8, 1808, Rockingham (Windsor) Vermont (Genforum)
Sally Glynn, b. June 6, 1788, Springfield (Windsor) Vermont (VR)
    m. Justin Fletcher, April 2, 1806, Tyngsborough (Middlesex) Massachusetts (VR)
Lucinda Glynn, b. January 17, 1791, Springfield (Windsor) Vermont (VR)
    m. Nehemiah Chase, April 1, 1810, Springfield (Windsor) Vermont (VR)
Polly Glynn, b. November 26, 1793, Springfield (Windsor) Vermont (VR)
Samuel Adams Glynn, b. April 29, 1797, Springfield (Windsor) Vermont (VR)
    m. Hannah Lockwood, September 3, 1818, Springfield (Windsor) Vermont (VR)
         daughter of Henry Lockwood and Esther Smith
         sister of Ada Lockwood who married Thomas Reed Glynn
         (SEE: The Lockwood Family of New England)
Joseph Perham Glynn, b. January 24, 1799, Springfield (Windsor) Vermont (VR)
         m. Nancy Lockwood, October 24, 1819, Springfield (Windsor) Vermont (VR)
              daughter of Henry Lockwood and Esther Smith
              sister of Ada Lockwood who married Thomas Reed Glynn
Isaac Glynn, b. November 26, 1800, Springfield (Windsor) Vermont (VR)
         c. June 28, 1801, Tyngsborough, Massachusetts (VR)
         m. Sarah ____________ (
Sophronia Glynn, b. July, 17, 1802, Springfield (Windsor) Vermont (VR)
         d. 1804, Springfield (Windsor) Vermont (VR)
James Glynn, b. August 1, 1804, Springfield (Windsor) Vermont (VR)
         m. Olive Bemis, November 18, 1824, Springfield (Windsor) Vermont (VR)
Sophronia Glynn, b.  June 26, 1806, Springfield (Windsor) Vermont (VR)
         c. October 7, 1804, Tyngsborough, Massachusetts (VR)
         m. Abner Palmer (
John Glynn, b. November 9, 1810, Springfield (Windsor) Vermont (VR)
         d. August 24, 1812, Springfield (Windsor) Vermont (VR)
             Buried at Summer Hill Cemetery, Springfield (Windsor) Vermont (VR)

Thomas Reed Glynn (Generation 7)
son of Isaac Glynn and Sarah Nutting
b. April 5, 1795, Springfield (Windsor) Vermont
d. Septebmer 28, 1870, Chester (Windsor) Vermont  (VR) (VVK)
c. May 19, 1795, Tyngsborough (Middlesex) Massachusetts (VR)
     May 4, 1812, Springfield (Windsor) Vermont (VR) (VVK)
     daughter of Henry Lockwood and Esther Smith, married 1785 at Springfield, VT.
     her sister Nancy Lockwood married brother, Joseph Perham Glynn
     her sister Hannah Lockwood married brother, Samuel Adams Glynn
     b. May 1, 1797, Springfield (Windsor) Vermont (VR)
     d. 1870 (VVK)
Children of Thomas Reed Glynn and Ada Lockwood
John Glynn, b. September 30, 1812, Springfield (Windsor) Vermont (VR)
     m.Nancy S. Phelps, August 31, 1842
William Glynn, b. April 18, 1816, Springfield (Windsor) Vermont (
Sarah Nutting Glynn, b. December 30, 1817, Springfield (Windsor) Vermont (VR)
Esther S. Glynn, b. March 25, 1820, Springfield (Windsor) Vermont (VR)
Lucy Glynn, b. April 22, 1822, Springfield (Windsor) Vermont (
     ***Lucy Glynn, daughter of Thomas Glynn and wife, adopted by Stephen and Sarah
          Taylor of Springfield (Windsor) Vermont  (Springfield VR, Page 87)
ISAAC GLYNN (SEE: Generation 8)
Jane Glynn, b. December 1, 1825, Chester (Windsor) Vermont
Sophronia Glynn, b. April 4, 1828
     m. Alonzo S. Gilbert, Harnessmaker
Lucinda Glynn, b. November 28, 1830, Vermont
Achsah Glynn, b. April 28, 1833, Vermont
Alzina E. Glynn, b. December 14, 1835, Vermont
    m. Joseph Hardy, September 2, 1852, Haverhill (Grafton) New Hampshire
Horace C. Glynn, b. @1845 (VR) (VVK)
      ***The Vital Records of Springfield (Windsor) Vermont, provided by (VVK) Vivian Viola
           Kill/Researcher indicates the following information from a marriage certificate:
           Horace C. Glynn, Occupation: Farmer. Residence of Groom: Chester, Vermont, Age: 25.
           Parents: Thomas and Ada Glynn … This information places Horace’s birth at approximately 1845,
           this would place his parents (father at 50, mother at 48)
           m. Rosalind R. Roudy (UR)

Isaac Glynn (Generation 8)
son of Thomas Reed Glynn and Ada Lockwood
b.  August 26, 1823, Chester (Windsor) Vermont (VR)
     other references indicate Springfield (Windsor) Vermont)
d.  May 17, 1902, South Rockingham (Windham) Vermont (VR)
     September 18, 1845, Chester, Vermont (VR)
     daughter of Cyrus Locke and Randilla Thayer (
     granddaughter of William Thayer and Susannah Lincoln (
     b. January 25, 1824, Rockingham, Vermont (VR)
         (other references indicate Springfield (Windsor) Vermont
     d. January 9, 1896
         SEE: THE LOCKE FAMILY OF NEW ENGLAND (Gary Posson Glynn)
         (William-1, William-2, Ebenezer-3, Joshua-4, Ebenezer-5, Ebenezer-6, Cyrus Locke-7)
Children of Isaac Glynn and Eliza/Elizabeth Marie Locke:
Charles Frederick Glynn, b. October 15, 1846 Rockingham (Windham) Vermont
     m. Georgie Mitchel, 1866
Mary Eliza Glynn, b. June 27, 1848, Rockingham (Windham) Vermont
     m. Albert O. Wyman, 1866
Cyrus Locke Glynn, b May 2, 1850, Rockingham (Windham) Vermont
     m. Lilla Davenport, April 10, 1870
Lucius Elliot Glynn, b. March 12, 1853, Rockingham (Windham) Vermont
     m. (1) Carrie E. Smith, 1874
          (2) Anna E. Kerns
Elizabeth Ida/Lizzie Glynn, b. May 5, 1856, Cambridgeport (Rockingham) Vermont
Walter Benton Glynn, b. September 6, 1865, Cambridgeport (Rockingham) Vermont

William Isaac Glynn (Generation 9)
son of Isaac Glynn and Eliza/Elizabeth Marie Locke
b.  December 12, 1866, Rockingham, Vermont (VR)
d.  June 5, 1934, Albany, New York (VR)
     November 23, 1887, Rockingham, Vermont (VR)
     daughter of Royal Wilder Perham and Catherine E. Plant (VR)
     b. April 6, 1869, Rockingham, Vermont (VR)
     d. October 25, 1942, Warrensburg, New York
         Buried: at North Adams, Massachusetts
         SEE: THE PERHAM FAMILY OF NEW ENGLAND (Gary Posson Glynn)         
         (John (Perram) Perham-1, John-2, John-3, Ezekiel-4, Jonathan-5, Oliver-6, Royal Wilder-7)
         John Whitney arrived on the “Elizabeth and Ann” 1639 (Winthrop Society)
Children of William Isaac Glynn and Minnie Beulah Perham:
Catherine J. Glynn, b. July 28, 1891, Rockingham (Windham) Vermont
     (Some records indicate Saxon River, Vermont)
Jay Ivah Glynn, b. June 20, 1895 and d. June 29, 1895, Proctorsville, Vermont
Berkeley Perham Glynn, b. May 15, 1902, Rockingham (Windham) Vermont
      m. Regina L. Held, October 10, 1925

Raleigh Isaac Glynn (Generation 10)
son of William Isaac Glynn and Minnie Beulah Perham
b.  May 22, 1889, Rockingham, Vermont
     *some records indicate Saxon Rivers, Vermont
d.  November 18, 1969, Braintree, Massachusetts
     Buried: at Bath, Maine
     March 18, 1914, Bath/Wiscasset, Maine
     daughter of George Waldren Troop and Elizabeth Cunningham
     John Troop-1, William-2, Waldron-3, George Waldron-4, Marion Elizabeth-5
Children of Raleigh Isaac Glynn and Marion Elizabeth Troop
Raleigh Isaac Glynn, Jr.
George William Glynn
Dawn Glynn

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