Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Morrell Cemetery Restoration Project - Eliot, Maine

The Morrell Cemetery Restoration Project - Eliot, Maine
Spring/Summer 2012

The Morrell Cemetery is located just west of River Road in Eliot, Maine on Old Cottage Lane ... This cemetery for generations was in the Morrell Family until their land was sold and since then the cemetery has been greatly neglected … Today, I visited the cemetery to photographs its current condition and to locate some of the gravestone that are still standing and legible …

Through today’s photographs you will see that at one time The Morrell Cemetery was a beautiful place, elaborate iron fencing, corner posts and gates which over time have fallen to the ground and are in great need of repair and restoration … Most of the stones are made of white limestone are are still somewhat standing but several have broken or split and are laying face down on the ground … A simple clean-up of the leaves and underbrush this Spring may help in locating a few people who seem to be missing from this family cemetery …

REVISED (June/2012) All headstones have been located ...

From the book Eliot (Maine) Record Book privately researched and printed by John F. Frost in 1970, he provides a list of the inhabitants of this Morrell Cemetery … We greatly appreciate the work that he has done on the Morrell Cemeteries …

* Indicates stones that are standing with inscription …
( ) Indicates additional information …

(son of Joel Morrell and Hannah Wilson)
(grandson of Robert Morell and Sarah Roberts)
(g.grandson of Nicholas Morrell and Sarah White Frye)
(g.g.grandson of John Morrell and Sarah Hodson/Hodsdon)
husband of Sarah Morrell
(b. October 17, 1797, Eliot, Maine d. November 26, 1881 at age 84
(m. October 17, 1821, South Berwick, Maine)

wife of John Morrell*
(b. April 1797) d. November 13, 1865 at age 68*

Children of John Morrell and Sarah Jenkins:
son of John and Sarah Morrell
(b. October 1822, Maine) d. April 7, 1879 at age 56

daughter of John and Sarah Morrell
(b. July 5, 1825, Maine) d. May 31, 1909 at age 83

son of John and Sarah Morrell*
(b. January 2, 1828, Maine) d. January 10, 1891 at age 64*

son of John and Sarah Morrell*
(b. May 1832, Maine) d. September 15, 1865 at age 33*

son of John and Sarah Morrell*
(b. December 1834, Maine) d. February 6, 1882 at age 47*

daughter of John and Sarah Morrell*
(twin of Horace)
(b. November 2, 1838, Maine) d. March 12, 1912 at age 73*

son of John and Susan Morrell*
(twin of Henrietta)
(b. November 2, 1838, Maine) d. _______ 10, 1821*

The above information is just a brief summary of the research that has been done on this particular family and the inhabitants of this Morrell Cemetery … Photographs of the current condition of the cemetery will be posted later this week and updates on the progress of the restoration will be carried through this blog … Anyone who is interested in providing additional information on the Morrell or Allied Families or wish to work on the restoration of the cemetery and the headstones please do not hesitate to contact me … This is a joint venture to preserve just a small piece of Eliot Maine history ….


  1. Are you still looking for people to help with this?

  2. Thanks for posting this. I've just come into possession of a journal/ledger that may have belonged to this family or at least to a neighbor. It mentions Benning Morrell on the first page and Franklin J. Morrell on the second. i.e. "Benning Morrell Raised his Barn June 3, 1849". "August 29, 1859". Franklin J. Morrell Raised His Barn Fraim". Will keep you posted on what else I find. Benning was mentioned in the second sentence. The first sentence in the journal/ledger: "We Built Our Wood an Corn House Oct 1846". The first couple pages detail when certain things were built or enlarged; stove acquired; orchards set, etc. My mother just bought this and some other things from an antique dealer.